Hanger type shot blasting machine Y type

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Hanger type shot blasting machine is the most flexible and versatile shot blasting machine. It comes in two options the single hook I type shot blasting machine and two hooks Y type shot blasting machine.

Hanger type shot blasting machine is specifically suitable for descaling of forgings, and desanding of castings, removal of burrs and scales, surface treatment and deburring of welded constructions, etc.


Transportation system: I/Y type rail, with rotation system. Loading capacity:500-10000kg.

Workpiece: Casting, forging, weldment, wheel hub, bicycle frame, motor shell, machinery parts, cylinder and more parts for various industries: aerospace, automotive, foundry, forging, stamping, ship-building, steel construction, plastic process, chain, etc. Blast turbine: Number of turbine: 2-6 Power of motor: 7.5-18.5 kw

Cleaning time: 4-6 mins

Door: Manual or pneumatic control

Foundation pit: No pit

Intelligent abrasive dosing system: Service time max 20% longer, energy saved max 30%.

Dust collector: Settling chamber +cartridge-type dust collector Cartridge filter service time: 5 years

Separator: Abrasive-dust separation efficiency: 99%.

Function: Remove rust, scale, sand, burrs, etc. Finished rust removal grade: SA2.5-3.0. Relieve internal stress, increase adhesion of coating.

Delivery time: 3 -8 weeks

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