Rotary table shot blasting machine

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Rotary shot blasting machine or table type shot blasting machine is suitable for various shapes and dimensions, casts, forged parts, pressed parts, steel, and non-ferrous metal parts and parts made from fragile materials, cleaning surface, removing casting sand and filings, consolidating the surface (micro handling), roughing the surface before coloring, etc.

Rotary shot blasting machines are split into single rotary table shot blasting machine and swing table shot blasting machine. swing table shot blasting machine efficiency is much higher than the single rotary table shot blasting machine.


Type Single rotary table and swing rotary table(double table)

Workpieces Casts and forged parts, pressed parts, steel and non-ferrous metal parts, etc

Blast turbine Number turbine: 1-4 Power:7.5-15 kw

Diameter of table 500-2500 mm

Foundation pit: No pit

Dust collector Settling chamber + bag-type dust collector

Function: Remove rust, scale, sand, burrs, etc. Finished rust removal grade: SA2.5-3.0. Relieve internal stress, increase adhesion of coating.

Delivery time 2-6 weeks

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